June, 2016

Inn keeping is not for the faint of heart (or knees).

Richard and I joined this 4-day Intensive Hands-On Innkeeper Workshop at the Bed & Breakfast at Tiffany Hill in North Carolina last week. There were serious moments like understanding the plating, proportioning and serving of breakfast.     And hilarious moments to “lighten” the load of physical labor.     But alongside the informative and well-spaced…

Inn keeping Workshops

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Some Progress this Week !

Some of the original redwood window jambs and frames are back installed today.           The building survived but not this company “Corlett Brothers Napa” where the original redwood window frames and jambs were from.     A sample “patch” of the exterior stone all washed and grouted. Eventually all the “age”…

Exterior Windows, Preservation, Stone Exterior Walls

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