1886 Francis House
1919 Calistoga Hospital
2015 In-progress

What began as a family home for a prominent local merchant, James H. Francis, this property has been a landmark building in the city of Calistoga (1886). It is the only stone building in Napa County that is authentic in Second Empire architecture. As renowned as it is for its architecture, it is significant to many Calistoga residents who were born there when it was converted to the Calistoga Hospital (1919-1946). Change in ownerships, natural disasters and the passing of time all contributed to the fading of this remarkable property. It was closed down by the State of California in 1965.

Uninhabited for the next 50 years, it is now carefully being restored, rehabilitated and redesigned. It will continue to be called The Francis House. A bed & breakfast property in the heart of Calistoga, steeped in history and prestige and opening its doors in 2018.

What's New?

The Long Table

I always dreamed of having a long table. This setting is the ultimate to many conversations, communal meals and laughter. Will attempt one just like this in the rear of the building.

Landscape Long Table

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